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U.S. Coast Guard militaria, including: manuals, graphics, posters, prints, lithographs, art, and other related information.

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This  Page's Purpose

Ever notice that there are items you'd really like to have that you just can't get?  Well, that's what this page is all about!  I'm in the reconstruction and restoration business, and there a certain manuals, posters, pictures, etc. that I want to ensure that are restored and available for the future.  Very honestly, I reconstruct, restore, and preserve them - and then I sell them.  If you have any unusual or different Coast Guard items that are of "U.S. Government" origin, simply send me an email with a description and/or picture.  I will "horse trade" you for the privilege of scanning your manual, picture, poster, etc. - and you get it back too! 


Why do I do this?  Think about it...people move, throw things out, houses get destroyed by fire or water damage, etc.  The "history" is lost forever! I make daily backups and monthly data deposits to a bank vault to ensure the viability and longevity of the products I offer.  Basically the data I am collecting will survive me and be passed on to others.  


Specific needs:


1. U.S. Coast Guard pictures, posters, books, pamphlets, etc.  Note:  The older the better!

2. Have you seen this POSTER in COLOR? Email me! Two of the "Coasties" in that picture are looking for the color version!

If you have what it takes - take the Coast Guard!




Looking for this POSTER in COLOR!





Got something you think might be of interest?  Send me an e-mail now!


E-mail: themerc@CoastGuardCoolStuff.com 


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Send email to themerc@CoastGuardCoolStuff.com with feedback, questions or comments.

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